Alexander Clarke

Backend programmer, video game tinkerer, community member.
Committee member for Compsoc and co-organiser of Royal Hackaway
Fuelled by instant noodles and coffee!

Hire Me

What I’m currently working on


An in-browser game that builds on the gameplay of Civilisation 5, with a nifty chat system. There’s a lot of other planned features too!

I’m currently helping spruce up Royal Hackaway’s site for 2019.

Who I’m working for

Programmer @ Codegroovers

Codegroovers is RHUL’s in-house programming team. I work with them to solve various problems with bespoke software solutions.

Undergrad Researcher @ Holloway

I’m an undergraduate researcher with Royal Holloway’s ISG (Information Security Group) team, building on top of their existing research into a practical SHAWN protocol

How I’m volunteering:

Ambassador for RHUL Compsoc

The Royal Holloway Computing society works with students to make life at university easier for computing students. This is my second year on the committee.

Co-organiser for Royal Hackaway

I’m part of the team organising Royal Hackaway, Royal Holloway’s annual hackathon. I create graphics, do research, and lift heavy things for the event. Just under 90 people attended in 2018!